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St Kilda Sunsets

St Kilda is the best place to catch a sunset in Melbourne, Australia. Here’s my favourite spot.…

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Grampians In A Nutshell

I’ll be posting an article on what to do in the Grampians soon, but beforehand I wanted to post a few snapshots of my trip there. The Grampians is a nature reserve located in Victoria, Australia. When I think…


Morning Dew

They lay across the paddocks, Jagged lines running across them, Like the veins down your arms. The leaves shout with all their enormity, ‘Hey you, come and get me. See what I hide beneath my greenery. My treasure can…


London’s Timely Living

How do you go from working seven days a week to this? To Australia? To backpacking around the world and being okay without the anxiety and stress coursing through your veins. That’s what pumped to my heart, made me…