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‘Empty’ Exhibition by Melbourne Street Artist Rone

In the early 2000s as part of the Everfresh crew, Rone spearheaded Melbourne’s street art movement. Following from those days he is now a celebrated fixture on the international street art scene. His first solo show in two years took place this October in Melbourne in a soon-to-be-demolished former Star Lyric Theatre. The exhibition, ‘Empty’, was held in Melbourne’s thriving inner suburb, Fitzroy.

Rone Exhibition

Credit: Mike Hodges

Rone is a street artist best known for his haunting, detailed images of women’s faces. This exhibition truly went deeper into the idea that beauty can be fleeting. Rone has learnt to appreciate the unexpected beauty of an image as it starts to blend back into its surroundings.

His distinctive female muses have followed him around the world, and can be found – in various states of decay – peering out from beneath overpasses and emblazoned on walls everywhere from New York, Paris and London to even further afield.

Rone Exhibition

Credit: Mike Hodges

‘Empty’ – On The Day With Rone In Attendance

When you enter the old building, the first thing you see past the vast emptiness in front of you, is the huge mural on the wall. Rone has manipulated how the lighting enters the building and lights up space by strategically places painting around the room. The paintings were placed trailing the room around, close by the walls. In between, a lot of empty space. Befitting the title of this exhibition. I was quite focused on the portraits of his female muses and how he details their eyes and the way each expression reaches the eye.

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