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The Beauty of Decisions


The trouble was that the bush was close to the size of a fly and I was a mountain. He turned around at the most inopportune moment and saw me on my knees, in the dirt, looking at him. The world loved to play jokes with me.’

Growing-up in West London, with a larger-than-life Indian family, Cassie wanted a drastic change. Her sister Heidi was kicked-out years ago and the only contact she had was through an Italian-stamped postcard.

Taking control, she travels to the south of Italy for the aesthetic appeal and with a mantra that focuses on ‘work, work, work’. Another part of her hoping she’ll find her sister.

Twenty-first century regional Italy is a grappling of cobbled paths, good coffee and little spoken English. Her flatmate Carmen keeps her sane with Italian flair, while the mysterious Ethan appears everywhere she goes.

Can she stick to her mantra and make the right decisions, or will she get spun-away by carb-heavy food, a persistent man and la dolce vita?

Available in paperback from Amazon and digital copy from Amazon Kindle.

Australia digital copy can be found on Amazon Australia.

His Side, Her Side, Facebook & The Truth

HHF&TTFour lives are exposed in this short story, uncovering the truth behind social media profiles. Meet Rhea, Tyler, Chanel and Jacob; four individuals whose lives are controlled by poisonous online interactions.

Set in the coastal city of Portsmouth, these four university students are stuck in an unforgiving world where they are misunderstood and full of faults. Rhea’s self-doubt spirals out of control, while Tyler is about to lose the love of his life. Chanel has blinding faith in her far from perfect relationship with Jacob, a man who can’t control his obsessive emotions.

Take a glimpse into their addictive open relationship with the world. Can they break away from the toxic bonds of social networking, or will they fall into oblivion like many before them?

Available in paperback from Amazon or in digital copy from Amazon Kindle.