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The Rise Of Boxing As A Full-Body Workout

Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather’s match sold over 4.6 million PPV buys for the highest grossing boxing PPV event of all time. Currently the UK is home to Anthony Joshua, who is the fifth fastest man in history to become heavy weight champion. He was crowned new IBF world heavyweight champion earlier this year. Boxing has grown and veered off in many ways and to various cultures, but its international popularity is quite clear. In the UK alone we’ve seen a growth of 31% of people participating in boxing. This has led to it being awarded a 26% increase in funding by Sport England.

Arising from a history of fist fighting that can be talked back to the Ancient Greeks and Olympic Games, Boxing has now developed into a revered sport. One of my favourite places to learn and practise in the UK is at Tribeca Studios in Ealing.

The skill and talent by high selling boxers is known by many but the sport can also be for anyone looking for an outlet. My first time boxing was a few months ago at Tribeca Studios in Ealing. I went along to their Beginner’s Boxing class which is now on every Sunday. I personally don’t attach the sport to a means of letting out aggression or anger. But it does work for me as another way to be mindful.


Why I Love Boxing

You’re so busy concentrating on your movements and sequences that by the end of class you haven’t thought about anything else other than the moment at hand (literally). After a couple of the Sunday afternoon beginner boxing classes I was advised to start normal classes. Intimidating at first, I eased into the rhythm of the intense sessions. Tribeca has many classes of different intensities but I’ve got to say, their boxing pushes me the most. Boxing itself, can provide a full-body workout, which makes it one of my favourite classes.

Tribeca’s chosen trainers are all professionals that test your endurance but keep it a welcoming atmosphere. Their boxing class is simply for those who want an intense work out session but an interest in boxing is a must. Don’t knock it until you try it and at Tribeca you get two sessions a week, one on Sunday morning and one on Tuesday evening to work around your schedule.

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