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What are you doing to me?

Is this your version of honesty?

Turning a blind eye to the man on the streets,

The one with a sign that says ‘feed me please’.


Here’s a penny,

Here’s a cent,

Take it and do with it as you please.

I won’t look,

I won’t touch,

But hey, aren’t I a generous human being?

Streetwise - Homeless

You ask me for money,

I say ‘no sir, I’m not feeding your addiction’,

Walking away, avoiding your gaze,

You’re just a figment of my imagination.


I don’t see you as I walk down the street,

You’re not huddled on the shop door step,

Nor are you laying across the bench.

Do you even exist?

Homeless Streetwise

It’s okay,

We’ll acknowledge your presence,

In a social situation,

To discuss how much you make in a day.

But that’s as deep as it will go,

Before we make those thoughts go away.


Ignorance is bliss,

Isn’t that what we say?

Taking our phones out,

Playing with the screen,

Eyes downcast,

Because then it means we’re not bad human beings.

We’re not refusing to acknowledge your presence.

Stop and talk,

Give some change,

Make eye contact.

No, we’re simply just busy

Dealing with our screen lives.


Ignorance is bliss,

Isn’t that what we say?

Maybe we should say,

‘Hello, how are you?’

And see the smile light up your face.

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