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Social Bees

We surround ourselves with people,

Call it being social.

Say we’re not lonely,

In this world that can seem so empty.

We just want the company.

Need the company.


We could dig a little deeper,

Let the tears speak a little louder,

Wonder why we feel this way,

Why we’re in a room full of faces that don’t see us.

Not really, not under the disguise.

The smiles and easy goodbyes.


Let’s go to the beach,

Take a big crowd,

Make a lot of noise,

Drink ‘til our livers are diseased.

But, no, we’re not lonely.

We just can’t sit there on our own,

Taking in the ocean breeze.


We’re not lonely,

We’re just social bees.

Taking the nectar,

So we can all be appeased.


But no, we’re not lonely,

Not us,

Not we.

Not me.

It’s simply a need.

Social Bees

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